Augment Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd. company starting from August 2017. Augment mean to rise the quality of life saving medicine that is required for Human. We start the marketing of life saving quality base medicine in India as well as abroad. Our aim is that we provide the 100% quality related medicine to patient. We start in India and within 5 year the target for export of our products and within 5 year we will start our manufacturing unit also. Our Total quality management system adhere to cGMP regulatory and we endeavour to achieve and present the best quality standard in this industry our unique assets and skills are always orients towards developing novel and differentiating scientific solution through innovative products designed to improve the quality of life. We take great pride in secure of our products ranging from pharma.

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NSAIDS   |   Antibiotics   |   Ant diabetics   |   Anta Acids   |   OTC.
We are Dedicated to fulfill Quality promise of Human potential in all place in all
quality aspects and stage of life.

We believe that health is the key to that quality promise.