Mission: To achieve the highest quality standards of our product in domestic and abroad.

Vision: To become a global leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing highest quality of pharmaceutical products ethical standards and keep in mind to provide in India and abroad for life shaving required for life, mankind & medicines

Material and Method

Material : Material is used grads I as per pharmacopoeia grade and approved vendor on the basis of quality.

Method  :Method for manufacture use after validation and standardize of all parameter with specification and after stability. The quality design was described and some of its elects identification process parameter and quality attributes were identified for each unit operations during manufacturing of slid ,liquid, semisolid and IV,IM dosage form. The use of quality was contrasted with the evaluation of the product quality by testing alone.


  1. Defining target product quality profile.
  2. Designing product and manufacturing process with quality audit
  3. Identifying critical quality attributes, process parameter and sources of variability.
  4. Controlling manufacturing process to produce consistent quality over time.